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Auremeds Compounding Pharmacy

Serving Clients Throughout Canada

Delivering innovative compounding solutions

Welcome to Auremeds Compounding Pharmacy located in Kemptville, Ontario. Auremeds takes pride in providing the best compounding solutions for patients, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and veterinarians. For enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Creating Medications Specifically for You

Auremeds Compounding Pharmacy  specializes in compounding and dispensing medications pursuant to a physician’s order. We serve patients, pharmacies, veterinarians, clinics, and hospitals. Our team is comprised of reliable professionals who have broad knowledge and experience in the field of compounding pharmacy. Browse our site now to see what we offer.

Why Choose Us

We will work with you to find solutions, in a personalized process. Quality assured, all the time!

Recent changes in regulations and shortages of certain essential prescription medicines has prompted us to focus on this key area of pharmacy service. Our mandate is to offer innovative compounding solutions to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

The focus is on prescribed medicines which are not commercially available and which need special compounding and mixing. We have established state-of-the-art non-sterile compounding facilities with specialized equipment to cater to those needs.

It will be our endeavor to fill and ship your prescriptions requiring compounding in an efficient and professional manner for you to derive optimum therapeutic benefits.

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Your Destination For Non-Sterile Compounding